HOLZKNODDL from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop®

Our Holzknoddl, like all the incense smokers from the Rothenburger Weihnachtswerkstatt, are made of real wood and painted by hand with lots of loving details. Their cuddly appearance and typical stub noses make them unmistakeable.
With heights from 20 to 25 centimetres they will become the eye-catcher in any decoration – at Christmas time or on other occasions too.

You will be impressed by the wide range of motifs of our Holzknoddl.

Smokies® from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop

Smokies from the Rothenburger Weihnachtswerkstatt are small, round and simply lovable. These incense smokers with cute faces are very popular with Käthe Wohlfahrt customers from all over the world. Produced in great variety and crafted in loving detail, they are a decorative highlight and also breathe out the pleasant aromas of incense candles.
For our collectors there is a new limited edition Duftl every year. These coveted collector’s pieces are richly adorned with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS and have become popular items within the Käthe Wohlfahrt range.

HOLZMANNL from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop®

Our Holzmannl from the Rothenburger Weihnachtswerkstatt are examples of perfect craftsmanship. With their elongated appearance and typical facial features they are an unmistakeable part of the Käthe Wohlfahrt range and popular among our customers.

The Holzmannl are not just for Christmas either, the variety of motifs makes them ideal companions all year round.


Original Incense Smokers from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop®

Our incense smokers are created by our team of artists at the Rothenburger Weihnachtswerkstatt, the Christmas Workshop in the idyllic Tauber River Valley. Each detail must be right. The smallest one is barely 10 cm tall, whereas the largest stands 29 cm in height. Whatever their stature, one thing remains true for all our smokers – each one displays a unique and appealing personality.
Our smokers represent various interests, hobbies and vocations, making them suitable for gift giving any time of year, or just one for yourself!

You will find our smokers in our Online-Shop.